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Ratings Of Web Site Building Software by Shane Hunte

[Sep 03, 2007] The ratings of web building software and how they stand up against each other can only be found through testing, trial and error.

Websites must be user and search engine friendly which both are very important so you would need to find a software that cater to both effectively in order to have a profitable site.

You need to make the search engines love your site by giving great content and making them aware of what the site is about; you also need to have a structure that even a baby could navigate through as well.

They're a number of software packages out their but most doesn't balance the search engines and user friendliness effectively.

So I'm going to give you the top three I've found out there.

I rank them in the order of the results I have received from search engines, profits and amount of visitors to the sites.

They are:

1. "Site Build It" from

This browser based software gets number one in my ratings of web site building software. This allows its users to build web sites for the search engines and human users without any web site building experience.

It has a step by step guide that takes you by the hand to building a web business; it helps you market that business as well.

It helps you manage you pay per click campaigns, affiliate programs, site hosting, newsletter distribution; it also teaches you the fundamentals of building an online business. This is much more than just software.

The developers of this software also monitor the search engines to make sure you're following their rules at all times.

If you also have an existing web business then you can still use this software on that as well, it allows you to transfer your site to their software or you can just build another bigger better website from scratch; that would be my recommendation.

I give this tool 10 out of 10.


This beauty is your next best bet to building a decent web based business.

It helps you do a lot of the leg work to get started, you get some excellent shopping cart and card processing software and you please your human and search engine users as well.

You can't ask for a lot more than that. Well actually you can but that is what they offer along with some great customer service.

I give this software 7 out of 10.


This piece of software is good because it sets you up to take orders from the first time you open up your e-commerce store.

Although it is great for building web sites and it can hold its own when it comes to the search engines, it needs a little work to become a full fledge marketing and web building tool.

For now it could get you up and running where site users and search engines are concerned. You will have to handle the other marketing aspects on your own.

I give this software 6 out of 10.

Balancing both search engines and human users can be tricky sometimes even difficult but these three software packages makes it easier for you to manage and to get targeted visitors to your site.

My ratings of web site building software are from experience and from that I can say these do the best job in balancing the important aspects of web building although they're more aspects you should consider.

About Shane Hunte
Shane Hunte is a young Internet Marketer who built and operate over 10 profitable websites. To learn more about the best web building tool for marketing and building your website Click here Ratings_Of_Web_Site_Building_Software.html
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