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An Affordable Web Designer Based In The UK by Steve Hill

[Aug 10, 2007] Are you looking for a cheap web designer who is based in the UK? Are you unsure of where to look to find an affordable web designer? If your answer to either of these questions has been yes do not worry you are not alone. A couple of years ago I was in the same situation however in the end I did manage to find a very good, professional web designer who did not charge a large amount of money. In this article I will write about where I looked for and eventually found this person.

There are a lot people out there who are capable of building and designing a website. They charge widely differing amounts for their service which makes it quite difficult to know what is value for money. I personally prefer to spend the majority of my own budget on promoting my own websites in order for them to reach a high search engine position. That is not to say that the web design is not an important factor, of course it is, it is just a case of deciding which is the best way to spread the investment.

When searching for a web designer I started by asking all of my friends and family. I not only asked if they had the skill and knowledge of being able to design a website but also if they knew of anybody eles who could. I would rather give my money to someone I knew or who had been recommended than to just a stranger who may turn out to be untrustworthy.

This did not prove to be fruitful so I then started to search on google, yahoo and msn. Now I was able to find a whole host of people who stated that they could design a website but again it was just not knowing who to trust.

I have always enjoyed using the auction website ebay and have found some real bargains on this site. I wondered if there were any people offering a very cheap web design service on ebay so therefore started to look.

I managed, to my good fortune, to find a man who had just started a new career of web designing and wanted to build up his portfilio. For a limited period he was offering his service at a fraction of the cost of what he was planning to charge in the future. For the price he quoted it seemed to be really worth giving this guy a chance, it was hardly a risk I though to myself.

I am happy to report that he did a brilliant job and I am certainly going to be asking him to build more sites for me in the future.

About Steve Hill
Stephen Hill runs The How To Stop Stammering Centre, he has a number of websites including: stammering stuttering help stuttering treatment
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