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4 Different Ways To Start Your Own Business by Chris Smith

[Feb 10, 2007] There are basically 4 different ways to start your own business. 1. You can buy a franchise, 2. You can start a network marketing company, 3. You could buy an existing business, 4. You could start a business from scratch. Each business listed above will require hard work and determination but could also be very rewarding. The costs to start each one of these types of businesses will also differ drastically. Let's take a look at each type of business individually.

An example of a Franchise would be McDonald's. In a Franchise the business system is already in place and all you are doing is plugging into it. When purchasing a Franchise you are buying the right to sell its good and services. Most Franchise operations will provide you with training, some may also provide marketing and advertising services. In my research I have found that Franchises can range in price from as low as around $10,000 to as high as over $1,000,000. You can usually find a bank or other financial institution to help finance the purchase of a Franchise because they have proven track records.

As with a Franchise, in a Network Marketing business you are buying a system. The cost to start one of these types of business is much lower than buying a Franchise. You can get involved with a this type of business for Under $200. There are two ways that you can make an income. One is to sell the product directly to the public and for each sale you will usually receive a commission. The amount can vary greatly from Company to Company. The second way is to get people to join your organization. This is often referred to as your downline. In this situation you can make a percentage of every sale that is made by someone in your downline. If you can grow your downline this is when you begin to see a huge profit in your business. You are getting paid for other people's efforts.

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About Chris Smith
My name is Chris Smith and I live in Massachusetts. I have spent the last 10 years of my life in Sales, Marketing, Sales Training and in Personal Wealth Education. I am currently broadening my horizon to include Internet Marketing. I recently started my own business and wanted to share some of what I have learned.
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